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SeniorNet may be the best bargain around for computer training?

After an annual membership fee with SeniorNet National, courses offered at our Learning centers are only $20... and that includes your take-home manual and practice CD!

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Friday, September 18, 2015
1:00 to 2:30pm
SeniorNet Learning Center
210 Woodbine Street

Fall Classes Begin

The Week of September 28, 2015


Friday, November 6, 2015


Our Sponsors:

The Hot Springs area SeniorNet program is a non-profit organization under the sponsorship of the St. Vincent Hot Springs Volunteer Services Program directed by Susan Rima.

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Welcome to the
Hot Springs SeniorNet Learning Center

Our Mission
The Hot Springs SeniorNet Learning Center is one of over 140 SeniorNet locations throughout
the U.S. and is based on the belief that helping older adults acquire and apply computer literacy skills will not only enhance their self-esteem but will also allow them to access a world of information available in today's technology oriented society. The Hot Springs SeniorNet Learning Centers 100% volunteer staff is intent on accomplishing the SeniorNet National organization's mission of helping senior adults gain computer skills and technology to enhance their lives and enable them to share their knowledge.

SeniorNet also operates the SeniorNet web site at SeniorNet is the only organization to recognize that the key to getting seniors online is to teach them how to use a computer! Older adults have special needs and SeniorNet acknowledges those needs and consequently has been the leader in developing curriculum and tools to accommodate this unique audience.

Our History
In 1993, St. Joseph's Mercy Health Center and SBC shared the vision of bringing a SeniorNet Learning Center to Hot Springs, Arkansas. With space and computers donated by St. Joseph, Hot Springs SeniorNet opened its doors using five computers and the teaching and learning tools provided by SeniorNet National. For several years, with just four dedicated instructors, classes ran at full capacity. In 1996 a second learning center was opened in the St. Joseph's McAuley Senior Center to accommodate Hot Springs Village area seniors.

In 2003 the original Hot Springs Learning Center was relocated from St. Joseph's Hospital to their sponsored Senior Center in Hot Springs on Woodbine Ave. At this new location expansion rapidly occurred increasing the number of computers from five to nine. In 2005 another classroom was added along with eight additional computers. New courses were added and an increased number of volunteer instructors enabled expanding the available class days and times. The enrollment increased from 20-30 students in the early 90's to our present average of 100 students per session.

Our Programs and Our Technology
Our overall program is based on SeniorNet National guidelines. We have three sessions annually. Each session consists of a six week series of classes. Each class is approximately one and a half hours long. All classes are hands on, so each student has use of a computer and our 17 classroom computers all have the same program formats. All students are provided with a manual specifically written for each course. The self-paced instructional manual is included in the nominal course fee of $20.00 for each six week session plus an annual SeniorNet membership fee. SeniorNet membership fee structure is as follows:

New Member
1 year membership - $44 (only $43 online)
2 years membership - $72 (only $70 online)

Renewing Member
1 year membership - $33 (only $32 online)
2 years membership - $65 (only $61 online)

Couples Membership
1 year - $72
Register online at Click on “Join SeniorNet Today”. Fees effective 3/24/14

In addition, several ½ day workshops on computer related topics are scheduled during the year. All of the classes and workshops are taught by volunteer instructors and coaches who are in the same age categories as the students. In fact most all staff members are former students. The lessons are structured for the learning pace of the senior student.

The 50+ age group is a generation of Americans who typically, left the workplace before computer literacy was a required job skill. Now, they see their children using computers in the home and at the office; they see their grandchildren doing homework on computers; they hear and read about the Internet - and they feel left behind. We provide our students, even those who have never used a computer, basic computer skills such as: how to turn the system on and off; how to use the mouse to "drag and drop" and "point and click"; how to write, edit, save and print a letter; how to manage personal finances; and how to access and use the Internet and other online services to send e-mail to family and friends. In addition to learning basic computer literacy skills, students are offered a variety of advanced courses such as introducing the student to the utilization of peripheral equipment: scanners, printers, external drives, digital cameras and similar equipment, as well as types of software that are available in the marketplace.

SeniorNet is a remarkable organization and our volunteer staff is eager to help the Hot Springs senior community take advantage of the computer learning opportunities available through SeniorNet.